My job, you ask?

There were some that could not come to terms with my decision to be a stay@home-mom. I got a myriad of responses from friends and family. Some envied me; wishing they too, could quit their day jobs and wake up late everyday. Oh, how little they know. Some, mostly the older generation, applauded my decision and had truck loads of opinions, advice and tips*.It’s not that I don’t appreciate them all but, too much, is ultimately, well, just too much! Then, there were some, a few here and there that were appalled that a young, educated, good looking woman (ahem, ahem) would give up her promising career to do dishes in the kitchen. “Don’t you want to work?”, they ask.
Hence, I feel the need to provide a little explanation. Although I owe nobody one, I seem to be giving explanations for my change in lifestyle one too many times (once, even to a waiter at a local Indian restaurant!). The desire came from my grandmother who is a homemaker herself. Because I was the eldest grandchild, I had to help her look after the 5 grandchildren that she took under her wing. And I loved every minute of it! I loved it more than school or extracurricular activities. I would actually look forward to coming home from school and have all my significantly younger cousins run to me, asking to be carried/patted, feed and wash them and put them down for naps etc. Then, at the wee little age of 10, I caught the mommy bug. Years later, when I met my boyfriend (now, husband), he too wanted a stay-at-home wife while he brought home the bacon. Not that he minded me having a career but we both needed one parent to stay at home.
I love what I do. I love tinkering in the kitchen. Nothing more satisfying than watching your loved ones devour your tasty home-cooked meal (they would have be tasty of course!). I love making my house a home and not just paying somebody to do it. Yes its a lot of back-breaking chores but I love cleaning and organising (a bit of Monica Geller in me i suppose…:)). May not be so fond of dirty dishes and sweeping but hey, I’ll live!… *wink

I found this great article and although it has some religious aspects to it, it also has some profound yet amusing statistics!…

*stay-tuned for an article on this very topic.

By Nitha Nathan


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