Those beings we call ‘friends’

I recently had a chat with a good friend about the technicalities of friends. She admitted that during her wonder years she used to love walking down the streets in Bangsar on a happening night. Every few feet she would meet a friend and the usual pretense of hugs and kisses with follow along with squeals and updates. The entire charade with start all over again when another friend is met another couple of feet or so. Now, years later, she avoids walking down those streets like a plague. Even if she happens to, her head is down and if met with an acquaintance, she winces inwardly. She and I have something in common. We absolutely despise small talk, especially with someone whom we haven’t seen in years and are not really worth it. Because we know that person wouldn’t give a damn if we were lying in the hospital or depressed. Oh how we used to love our happening years! I call it happening, because friends were aplenty and our social calendar was full to the brim filled with meet-ups, gatherings and parties. Now as we inch to our thirties, the mounds of friends have dwindled to a few handfuls. To those who have maintained the great number of people, it was done for business purposes or just for the sake of it. If asked, the great number would only be actually a few. It is virtually impossible to keep up with that many friends. I personally believe that nobody is capable of maintaining that many friends without getting out of breath halfway. My friends I am proud to say are a handful. Even that, those who are willing to get out of bed in the middle of the night for me are enough to fill my fingers. As we settle down in life, especially in a world riddled with issues and unpleasant circumstances, it is a task maintaining a friendship let alone a group of them. I thank me Lord in heaven for I have been blessed with friends, though few, whom, years I have known are in, double digits. They are precious gems and though the roads ahead will definitely be cobbled, I pray that I put in much effort to keep the friendship wholesome. If I happen to lose some on the way, I pray that they find newfound happiness in whatever friendship our great Father brings them. =))…


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